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Eddie on the Issues

  • Cut the federal corporate tax rate. The United States has the highest tax on business in the industrialized world.  Our businesses face an unfair tax burden in a competitive global marketplace.  Reducing their taxes will allow them to expand, grow, and create jobs right here in New Hampshire.  

  • Reduce regulations and red tape. Unelected bureaucrats have too much power to create and enforce regulations on businesses.  It has led to a business climate that is intimidating, arbitrary, and uncertain.  Businesses face higher costs from regulations and have been hesitant to expand.  Reducing regulations will allow businesses to create jobs.

  • Reduce the cost of energy. The government must allow for the expansion of energy production, storage, and delivery.  One of the biggest burdens on

Create Good, High-Paying Jobs for New Hampshire

By creating high-paying jobs, we will help lift people out of the paycheck-to-paycheck struggle, reduce underemployment, and increase the take-home pay for everyone.

business is the high cost of energy.  By allowing the free market to drive down the price of energy, we will foster greater job growth across every industry.

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare. Obamacare has driven up costs for individuals, created uncertainty for employers, and reduced patient choice.  We must repeal it and replace it with a plan that provides greater consumer choice, protects people with pre-existing conditions, allows for the purchase of health insurance across state lines, grants individuals the same tax benefits as businesses, and fosters more truth in billing transparency for patients and employers.

Cut Taxes and Pass Meaningful Tax Reform


People should be allowed to keep more of what they earn.  We must reduce taxes and simplify the tax code for families and individuals.

  • Simplify the tax code to create three tax brackets.

  • Cut the marginal rates on personal income taxes.

  • Eliminate loopholes and subsidies that favor special interests.

  • Pledge to oppose any new taxes or increase in existing taxes.

Reduce College Costs and Address the Student Loan Crisis

Too many students leave college with crippling student loans.  It delays the purchase of their first homes and the process of establishing a strong financial foothold.  We must create a more cost-conscious higher education system.

  • Demand greater transparency and choice, which will empower parents and students to be better consumers of higher education, put downward pressure on costs, force colleges to cut out waste, and improve overall quality.

  • Increase dual enrollment opportunities for students, allowing them to earn college and high school credit for the same courses.

  • Encourage the development of online classrooms to reduce the overhead of the traditional classroom model and allow state universities to compete globally.

  • Increase outsourcing of publicly-funded campus functions to local private sector businesses.

  • Allow students to earn a full 120-credit hour four-year degree in three years.

  • Encourage students to choose community colleges and trade schools as a career track, or allow them to use their first two years of coursework to transfer to traditional colleges and universities.

Strengthen National Security and Provide for Our Veterans

As a veteran, I have lived the words from the Declaration of Independence: “…and for support of this Declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”  To keep our nation secure, we must:

  • Ensure that our men and women in uniform have the tools they need to succeed, and provide our veterans with the respect and support they have earned

  • Strengthen our overseas alliances to send a clear message to those who would threaten us, but be very careful about committing American troops to battle.

  • When we do make a decision to fight, we must fight to win.  Uncertainty, indecision, and half-measures only prolong conflict.

  •  Protect our borders, fully vet new immigrants to the United States, and make our legal immigration more efficient and secure. 

Fight the Scourge of Opioid Addiction and Abuse

As a chief of police, I have been on the front lines in the fight against opioid addiction and abuse.  I have seen deaths, families torn apart, and communities in crisis.  The current opioid crisis was not unforeseen by many in law enforcement and the substance abuse community.

  • Nearly 75% of high school heroin users began with prescription opioids.  We must demand greater accountability from pharmaceutical drug companies and physicians.

  • Work closely with both the treatment and law enforcement communities to give them the tools they need.

  • Promote stronger intervention and treatment programs.

  • Remain tough on drug dealers and crime, but understand that this affects everyone in New Hampshire.  Good people have been caught up in this crisis.

  • Support resources for local, community-driven substance use disorder prevention messaging

Protect the Second Amendment

Our Founding Fathers rightfully knew how important it would be to protect our right to keep and bear arms. Regrettably, many in Washington have made it their focus to chip away at the Second Amendment. In the U.S. Navy, I was honored to have been

awarded with the Expert Shot medal. I later taught countless others as a firearms instructor for the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council. This issue is incredibly important to me as I know well how necessary it is for us to fight to protect our liberties. 

Granite Staters can be assured that I will never advocate for stricter federal gun laws that would take power away from the state and will always stand with New Hampshire citizens in defense of the Second Amendment.

Fight Illegal Immigration and Build the Wall

Our borders are in crisis as career politicians in both parties have failed to do their jobs for decades. We must build a wall on our southern border and use new technologies to protect our nation wherever a physical barrier would not be prudent. In addition, our leaders need to stand with our border agents, our law enforcement officials, and others who are both on the front lines and in our cities protecting our country. We are a nation of laws and it is imperative that we enforce them.

Fix Social Security

Promises made, promises kept. I strongly believe that we must honor our commitment to our seniors and ensure that no one touches the benefits of those at or near retirement.


However, it also is a fact that if we do nothing to restructure Social Security, it will not exist in the future whatsoever. All options must be on the table in any negotiations in order to find a solution. Furthermore, we must stop vilifying those seeking to reform it. Until we stop electing career politicians who are more concerned about their next reelection, we will never deliver on this or many other difficult issue for the American people. It is time to change who we send to Washington to finally achieve results.