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October 25, 2018

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Edwards Releases an Additional 50 County Co-Captains

January 11, 2018

Dover, NH – Eddie Edwards, a Republican candidate for Congress in NH-01, released another round of 50 County Co-Captains to join his rapidly growing grassroots team.


“Eddie Edwards and I have a similar backgrounds as we both have served in law enforcement and in the military. He is honest, straightforward, and has all of the qualities of a true public servant. We need more of that on Capitol Hill. I’ll be working hard to make sure my friend and fellow U.S. Navy veteran, Eddie Edwards, represents NH-01 in Congress.”

- Former Deputy Mayor Parks Christenbury of Dover


“Eddie Edwards' service in law enforcement and the military have clearly prepared him well to shake up Congress once he gets there. I have had the opportunity to get to know Eddie's positions on the important issues, but more importantly, I have gotten to know his character. He has a strong devotion to our country, our flag, and the values we hold dear as Americans. I will be working hard in the Queen City to help get Eddie elected to Congress, and I encourage others to join our growing team.”

- Ward 12 Alderman and former State Representative Keith Hirschmann of Manchester


“Eddie has been a guest on my radio show on several occasions. At every opportunity, I have heard his commitment to conservative values and an incredibly genuine desire to serve the people of New Hampshire in his heart. I am thrilled to commit my support to Eddie Edwards in NH-01.”

- Conservative Radio Host Cynthia Mailhot of Manchester


“In recent months, I have seen how hard Eddie and his team are working to meet voters and discuss the important issues. At a time full of so much divisive political rhetoric, Eddie is running a grassroots campaign that is focusing on the issues. That is truly refreshing. As someone who has served myself, I know that the life experiences Eddie has had in the US Navy will be integral in shaking up Washington. I am very proud to support Eddie Edwards for Congress in NH-01.”

- Ward 6 Alderman Elizabeth Ann Moreau of Manchester


“Eddie Edwards is a man of character and integrity. He has the steadfast conservative values we need in Washington, and he is someone who I can be proud to publicly support. As the former Strafford County Republican Party Chairman, I know Eddie and this county well. I look forward to working hard to ensure he is our next Congressman from NH-01.”

- Former Strafford County Republican Chairman Bill O'Connor of Barrington


- Republican Activist Greg Anthes of New Durham


- Republican Activist Jan Anthes of New Durham


- Education Activist Maura Brown of Chester


- Fire Department Captain Neal Burns of New Durham


- Firefighter Stephen Burrows of Wolfeboro


- Republican Activist Yvonne Clapper of Dover


- Republican Activist Reagan Colvin of Auburn


- Small Business Owner Scott Dube of Dover


- Republican Activist Sean Finan of Manchester


- Healthcare Activist Liz Gabert of Bedford


- Small Business Owner Mark Ginnard of Bedford


- Former Budget Committee Member Patricia Heilhecker of Merrimack


- Judith Hendrick of Bedford


- Retired Law Enforcement Dwight Jones of Wolfeboro


- 2nd Amendment Activist Dr. Eugene Long of Eaton


- Conservative Activist Donna Marzullo of Deering


- Small Business Owner David  Moore of Bedford


- Russ Neal of Milton


- Farmer and Small Business Owner George Nelson of Danville


- Farmer and Small Business Owner Sandy Nelson of Danville


- Small Businessman Jason  Noel of Windham


- Brian Panteledes of Rochester


- John Panteledes of Rochester


- Rohna Panteledes of Rochester


- Businesswoman Patrica Perkins of Dover


- Sean Perkins of Dover


- Denise Poulin of Rochester


- Small Business Owner John Reuter of Manchester


- Republican Activist Linda Roth of Danville


- Republican Activist Nicole Rubino of Rochester


- Healthcare Executive Ben Sanders of Moultonborough


- Mark Schlieper of Rye


- Kevin Shangraw of Nottingham


- U.S. Army Veteran & Past Legion Commander Post #27 James Sievert of Londonderry


- Republican Activist Richard L. Smith of Merrimack


- Republican Activist Dianna Smolin of Alton


- Republican Activist Jonathan Smolin of Alton


- Republican Activist Siobhan Tautkus of Manchester


- Small Business Owner Gerald Theodora of Alton


- Cassandra Varney of Farmington


- Fire Department Captain Mike Varney of Farmington


- Small Business Owner Patricia  Weldon of New Durham


- Small Business Owner Russ Weldon of New Durham


- Small Business Owner Joe White of Portsmouth


- Small Business Owner Alim Yai of Manchester

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