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October 25, 2018

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Eddie Edwards Campaign Issues Statement on Tonight's Debate

August 16, 2018

Dover, NH – Eddie Edwards, a Republican candidate for Congress in NH-01, and general consultant Michael Biundo issued the statements below regarding tonight's New Hampshire GOP debate. The New Hampshire GOP has stimulated that in order to participate in tonight's debate, candidates must sign a pledge, committing public support for the eventual Republican nominee.


We already know that State Senator Andy Sanborn, Eddie Edwards' primary opponent, has a past that is riddled with sexual misconduct allegations with State Senate interns, inappropriate interactions with State Senate staffers, and multiple public accounts of him bullying women in order to achieve political results. That’s just what we know about his past right now, let alone what we don’t yet know. Thus, Eddie could never in good conscience agree to endorse him if he were to somehow win the nomination in September.


Instead of participating in the debate, Eddie will meet with supporters at 6:00pm at VFW Post 1631 in Concord (6 Court Street).


Michael Biundo, general consultant for the Eddie Edwards campaign, released the following statement:


"After nearly seven days of negotiations with the New Hampshire Republican Party, it has become apparent that they will not meet us halfway and change their position. We will remain hopeful right up to the start of the debate that the New Hampshire Republican Party will compromise and allow Eddie to debate. 


"To be clear, Eddie has debated in the past, he will debate in the future, and he was more than willing to debate tonight. The only stipulation he has is with the New Hampshire Republican Party’s rules that call for his blind support of scandal-ridden Senator Andy Sanborn. While I have no doubt that Eddie will be the Republican nominee in September, he would have been more than willing to sign a document promising not to endorse against the Republican nominee or launch any sort of third party opposition. We have offered to amend and sign the rules to reflect that,

but it is apparent to me that the New Hampshire Republican Party has no interest at this time in letting Eddie on the stage."

Eddie Edwards released the following statement and video to supporters:


"In order to participate in this evening’s debate, the New Hampshire GOP wants me to sign a pledge to publicly support the party’s nominee. My disagreement is that one of the contenders, Senator Sanborn, has conducted himself in a way that makes it impossible for me to support him publicly.


"I want to thank everyone who reached out to give me support and encouragement on my decision to stand up for my principles. I started this race in April of 2017 talking about integrity, and that’s what I’ve tried to bring to this race every day. I firmly believe that if you can’t trust me on the little things, how can you trust me to go to Washington DC to stand up for what I believe in against the pressures of the party bosses?


"This has never been about political grandstanding – instead it’s about standing on principle. Senator Sanborn has been accused of behavior in the Legislature relating to interns and staff that I wouldn’t subject my children to. Sanborn has attacked my service to our country and community. In doing so, he’s disrespected all first responders and military veterans who have served in uniform.


"I believe that if we’re going to change Washington, we need to change the people that we send there. If we’re going to help Donald Trump drain the swamp and fulfil his campaign promises, we need to send a representative to Washington who will fight for the right principles.


"While I pledge to support the Republican Party, Senator Sanborn’s behavior makes it impossible for me to publicly support his candidacy. I put my name on the Republican ballot to stand up for Republican principles and that’s exactly what I plan on doing as your Congressman."

“Thank you Eddie Edwards for being a man of integrity and standing up for what you believe in. President Trump would not let anyone control who to support or not. We need people in Congress with integrity like you have!” – State Representative Al Baldasaro, Former Trump Veterans Co-Chairman


“The NH GOP should not have made signing a pledge of public support for another candidate a requirement of participation. Senator Sanborn referred to Eddie's 25 years of public service as "government employment" and used it in attempt to smear Eddie’s service to our nation and community. Our men and women in uniform should be respected for their work and sacrifice. Eddie publicly supporting any candidate that made such remarks would be disrespectful to his brothers and sisters in uniform.” – State Representative Victoria Sullivan, Former Rand Paul State Co-Chairman

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