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October 25, 2018

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Eddie Edwards Clear Winner in Tonight's First Congressional District Debate

September 7, 2018

Dover, NH – Eddie Edwards declared victory in tonight’s debate on WMUR. After the debate, Edwards stated: “Tonight I made the case that I am the principled conservative Republican for Congress. The voters have a clear choice: a conservative outsider with proven character, or someone who will drag down the entire ticket and lose in November.” In the debate, Edwards compared the allegations surrounding Senator Sanborn to Bill Clinton’s scandal-filled time in office.


In his closing statement, Edwards stated: “I believe it’s time we return to a place where character matters in our politics.”


Throughout the debate, Edwards provided a clear vision in response to the questions:


Eddie Edwards on the national debt: “We do have a spending problem. We spend money on things we don’t need” including more than 800 military bases and installations around the world.


On the question of deploying our men and women who served overseas, U.S. Navy veteran Eddie Edwards said, "I want to be very cautious before we deploy our military... our military is there to defend our great nation."


Edwards advocated using money in the foreign aid budget to build the wall: “America has to come first, and we have to make sure that our sons and daughters in this country are taken care of."


Edwards on the corruption in Washington, DC: "Until we change who we send to Washington, until we change politics, none of this will change."


Edwards provided a stern warning about how the sexual allegations surrounding Senator Sanborn will guarantee that Republicans lose the seat in the fall: "If Senator Andy Sanborn is our nominee… everything we're talking about tonight is gone. His candidacy will drag down the entire party."


Edwards reaffirmed his support for President Trump: “I think the President is doing a great job: Record low unemployment for Blacks and Latinos in this country. We're on track."


Edwards stated that he supports allowing teachers to carry guns in schools – but he did not support taxpayers funding a federal program for it.


Speaking against gun control, Edwards stated: “I don't think our executive branch should be controlling liberty."


On multiple issues – including the regulation of marijuana – Edwards reaffirmed his support for the Constitution: "I believe in the Tenth Amendment"


How has running for Congress changed Eddie Edwards: “It's opened up my eyes to just how corrupt the political system is."


On healthcare: “I would absolutely repeal Obamacare” and replace it with a free-market system.


“I believe it’s time we return to a place where character matters in our politics.”

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