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October 25, 2018

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Eddie Edwards Responds to Chris Pappas' Smear Campaign on Social Security

October 11, 2018

Dover, NH – After yesterday's NHPR debate, the first debate of the General Election in NH-01, the Pappas campaign and his liberal allies went on the attack against Eddie Edwards over his comments about protecting and preserving Social Security. 


Their attacks were meant to deflect from Councilor Pappas' own missteps during the debate:


  • Chris Pappas made the outlandish claim that there would be "no additional costs" to the bloated universal healthcare program he hopes to implement. 

  • Despite this being his 18th time on the ballot, Chris Pappas somehow was undecided as to whether he supports term limits for Members of Congress. 

  • Chris Pappas failed miserably at distancing himself from his concerning support for the far left obstructionist movement known as "Resist." The sole goal of the "Resist Movement" is to stand in the way of any and all efforts made by President Trump and Republicans in Congress.


Eddie Edwards, a U.S. Navy veteran, former law enforcement official, and Republican nominee for Congress in NH-01, made the following statement:


"It is a shame that in order to distract the voters from his own missteps in our first debate together, Councilor Pappas opened up the typical Democratic Party playbook of attacking Republicans on Social Security to try and scare senior citizens into voting for him. Chris knows that I do not support any changes for those currently receiving benefits or those anywhere near retirement age. We've made promises to those individuals, and I will always fight to honor them. I had hoped that Chris would have more integrity than this, but it has regrettably become clear that this is the tact he and his campaign will take in the final weeks of the campaign. That's disappointing. 


"Social Security will go insolvent if we do nothing to find solutions. All options must be on the table to discuss how we can ensure current seniors experience no changes and that the program also exists in the future for those who need it the most. Like most in Washington, Councilor Pappas has shown that he has no interest in actually finding solutions on this difficult issue, but would rather use it for political gain. That is also disappointing. 


"It is certainly true that Councilor Pappas and I have very different views on this and many issues pertaining to the size of government. However, unlike him, I grew up in a poor and challenging neighborhood surrounded by big government programs that were designed to keep poor people poor. Perhaps if he had personally experienced how detrimental the policies he advocates for are, maybe then he would understand why it is so important for us to empower the individual rather than more big government."

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