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October 25, 2018

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Eddie Edwards Wins AARP Debate

October 18, 2018

Dover, NH – Eddie Edwards, a U.S. Navy veteran, former New Hampshire police chief, and Republican nominee for Congress in NH-01, has decisively won the AARP Debate in Manchester today.


Eddie Edwards' General Consultant Derek Dufresne issued the following statement:


"Eddie was the clear winner in today's debate. He was articulate and concise in his opinions and consistent in his beliefs. Eddie's perspective of protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations served as a stark contrast to Pappas' empty political rhetoric. As the Union Leader said earlier this week, Eddie's 'courage should be rewarded.'


"As evidenced today, Pappas doesn't want to fix issues affecting our seniors like Social Security; instead, he wants to regurgitate tired talking points and campaign with his Resist t-shirt on. Pappas has once again proven himself to be a career politician by saying one thing, and then claiming another when it is politically advantageous. An op-ed he had written in the early 2000s was brought to light during today's debate in which Pappas took an extremist position and advocated for New Hampshire to change its 'Life Free or Die' motto. After the debate, Pappas dismissed the question, calling the piece a 'silly counterpoint.' However, Pappas was an informed, two-term legislator at the time of the essay's publication and today wants to walk it back now that he is running for Congress. Pappas just further cemented his position as an out-of-touch career politician who is willing to say or do anything to win this race.


"Eddie wants to go DC to fix our nation's problems. Pappas wants to go to DC to be part of the Resist Movement and be an obstructionist. If we want to fix the problems plaguing our communities, we must send someone to Washington who will put service to his constituents over himself. Eddie was the clear winner in today's debate because that is the type of person he is and the type of representative he will be."



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