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October 25, 2018

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ICYMI: Eddie Edwards Earns Weirs Times Endorsement

October 30, 2018


Dover, NH – In case you missed it, the Weirs Times has joined the New Hampshire Union Leader in endorsing Eddie Edwards in the race for Congress in New Hampshire's First District.


In their editorial, the Weirs Times begins by saying, "Election Day isn't about Republican vs. Democrat any longer; it's about putting people in Washington who will keep us moving forward."


The editorial dives into Eddie's past as a U.S. Navy veteran, a former law enforcement official, and a small business owner and commends him for his understanding of the free market and economy, as well as his "first-hand experience with other pressing issues," including taking care of our veterans, fighting the opioid epidemic, fixing our broken healthcare and immigration systems, and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.


The editorial concludes by arguing, "Most importantly, he believes in government just getting out of the way. Now that the standard political universe has been shattered and the results are apparent, why go back to the way it's always been? Eddie Edwards for Congress."


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